I want a relationship where, if we were to argue
We know that we'll be OK because were are only humans with bad days
That's the confidence in our hearts because we know nothing can break us

I want a relationship where we can look at each other and then laugh
Because we share secrets and inside jokes that only we know of
That's the happiness we own inside the world of our own

I want a relationship where you are sure of me
Sure that the only constant that won't change in your life is us
That's the assurance that we will both have to last a lifetime

I want a relationship in which, if there's a hotter, prettier woman in the room
I will still have peace in my heart knowing that you will only have eyes for me
That's all the security I need

I want a relationship in which there is an understanding even without words spoken,
Where silence could mean we respect each other
And not because we have nothing to say to each other

I want a relationship full of adven…


Traveling is one of my greatest passions and I am blessed with a job that allows me to do so much of it. Although traveling for work is actually very tiring, and most of the time stressful, there are some amazing experiences that come along with it.

One of the cities that my job brought me to is the beautiful Yangon, in Myanmar. During my recent trip there, I even got to hang out with Myanmar's superstar, martial arts hero, Aung La "the Burmese Python" N Sang. Aung La is the ONE Middleweight World Champion.

Yangon in a nutshell for me is cultural, spiritual and busy. Here is a re-cap of my visit to Yangon and what one may consider doing there.

The Shwedagon Pagoda

This is probably the first attraction in Yangon that everyone would advise you to visit. Also known as the Golden Pagoda, the shiny stupa will always make an appearance while you are on the road. I've been here twice.

I learned that Burmese has no surnames and they are named according to the day they are bor…


I have a tradition of reflecting on my year as it draws to a close. While 2016 had been one of the BEST years of my life, 2017 proves to be a roller coaster ride filled with the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. But looking back I've never grown so much as I have turning 30. Seriously. you see things in new perspectives; you become more bold, and have the confidence that you never thought you had. You learn to not give a 《insert word》 anymore because you have learned to love and accept yourself for who you are. It is not an excuse to stop improving, but rather you understand that growth comes gradually as you slowly work towards it. Nothing comes when forced.
This year I learned about heart aches and failures , but all these brought me closer to God and made me realise that my faith is unshaken. My favourite pastor Joel Osteen said one is blessed in the dark - and it is so true. In darkness we discover what truly matters to us and it shows us what we are capable of and m…


This hole I am in,
I wish I could crawl out
The world that was once bright
Has lost its light
Because now it is filled
With a whole lot of dark emotions
And wandering thoughts in motion

This hole I am in,
I dug it
Deeper and deeper
Day by day
A hole I thought would make my life whole
No longer feels like home
And now, filled with regrets
I just want a to push reset

This hole I am in,
Propelled by greed
Generated only hurt
Sometimes you feel grateful
For the sanctuary
But sometimes you realized you are just trapped
In this pitiful hole
That you once thought
Would make you whole


The little things you do to me Are taking me over I wanna show ya Everything inside of me Like a nervous heart that's crazy beating My feet are stuck here Against the pavement I wanna break free I wanna make it Closer to your eyes Get your attention before you pass me by
Back up, back up Take another chance don't you Mess up, mess up  I don't wanna lose you Wake up, wake up This is ain't just a thing that you  Give up, give up Don't you say that I'd be better off better off  Sitting by myself and wondering  If I'm better off better off without you boy
And every time you notice me By holding me closely  And saying sweet things I don't believe that it could be You speaking your mind And saying the real thing My feet have broke free And I am leaving I'm not gonna stand here feeling lonely but  I don't regret it and I don't it was just a waste of time
Don't just leave me hanging on 
Laundry, The Curve, 19 years old. It was drizzling and the dim golden lights around the st…


Over the weekend, I was very honoured to be a part of a wonderful matrimony between one of my close friends, Jessie and her man, Eric.
Love is a beautiful thing especially when you met the right person that you can give all your love to. I knew Jessie when I was working part time and it was clear the moment we met that we have great chemistry because we became close friends almost instantly. We both grown together since our graduation in different fields, and then pursued different careers. I don't know how but I guess, even though we were apart for quite a bit, we still remained close friends. That's what real friends are I guess - they say it doesn't matter where you are but when you see each other again, it'll be like you never parted. That is how me and Jessie are like. She was always there for me, when I am sad, and she always knew when I was upset, vice versa. That's how well she knew me. 
A few years back, she told me about the day she met Eric. I always co…


You got me, wide open, wide open Now I'm yours You found me, heartbroken, heartbroken on the floor Became my salvation, salvation Through the mourn You got me, wide open, wide open Now I'm sure
In a world like this where some backdown I, I know we gonna make it In a time like this where love comes round I, I know we gonna take it In a world like this where people fall apart In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart In a world like this I've got you
And now we're free fallin', free fallin' In your eyes You got me still callin', still callin' No surprise I never knew I could love till the end of time And now I'm free fallin', free fallin'  By your side
I can't believe I didn't know about this song by Backstreet Boys that was released two years ago. Glad that I heard it the other day and I fell in love with it the moment I heard the lyrics. 
The idea of still being able to trust and have someone in a world who has your back where humanity is qu…